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Best Business Tip: Play to Your Strengths 0

Posted on April 24, 2015 by Tiffany C. Wright
Develop strengths, not weaknesses

A quote that illustrates my point.

The best business tip I received was, “Play to your strengths, not your weaknesses , however, anything can be learned.” This came a little later in my career, after getting my MBA, when I had some experience under my belt. The person was telling me that anything I would need to know, I could learn. However, instead of using a great deal of effort to learn something I’ll rarely use or that I strongly dislike doing, focus on learning to enhance my strengths. Those strengths include what I like because when you (or I) are passionate about something, you embrace it and learn faster…and want to know more.

So often we try to strengthen our weaknesses. I do think it is very important to understand what your weaknesses are. You need to know your weaknesses in order to delegate and partner effectively. However, playing to your strengths is what builds personal and business competitive advantages. And those strengths can be further enhanced through education – experiential, online, in class, reading, or more. This one tip really helped me to focus. It also helped me know that, although I may not be fully capable of doing something at this moment, I can learn how to do it at some future moment.

What was your best business tip and why? Please share and comment below.

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