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Happy Thanksgiving to All!

Posted on November 27, 2014 by Tiffany C. Wright
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Enjoy your Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Continually giving thanks for what you have is one way to help you obtain even more. Something about the feeling of gratitude that makes you feel content, peaceful, happy. When you have those feelings and focus on them, more of them seem to appear.  However, many of us forget to give thanks on a regular basis. Others of us do so as an automatic gesture, as in, “Thanks” to the grocery store clerk or an employee or when saying your blessings before eating (if you do that).  The blessing is more of a recital than a real thanks.

Today, take the opportunity to truly give thanks for all you have, no matter how little or how large. Appreciate it. Your favorite coat, your growing business, your wonderful employees, your awesome nephew, your amazing last vacation, the beautiful scenery, the fresh clean air. Whatever it is, revel in it, appreciate it. Say thank you for whatever good you have. And notice how you feel!

Happy Thanksgiving to All!

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