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Our Services: Interim CFO and Financial Advisory

What that encompasses

Financial Goals –  Business owners often do not clearly determine their financial goals and objectives. We help business owners and executive management teams do just that. We ask questions and we listen. Through this process we help you understand what you want to achieve and why. We then help businesses translate those goals into components achievable by applicable groups/departments/divisions/functions within the company.

Strong Cash Flow – Business owners often focus on top line items such as gross revenue and sales or bottom line datum such as net profits. Cash flow often gets overlooked. However, rapidly growing companies can encounter serious financial difficulties when cash flow is not managed tightly since growth uses a great deal of operating cash. We focus on helping companies implement a cash management strategy that supports the attainment of their overall financial goals.

Net Profit – Business owners sometimes focus on sales numbers and growing their customer base to the detriment of profits. We help businesses analyze their performance by customer, products, and services to obtain the information necessary to create and implement changes that support the owners / shareholders’ financial goal achievement.

Financing – In tandem with improving the financial positioning of the company as above, we help you create financing-focused documentation and build relationships to access the financing – debt and equity – you need to grow and strengthen your company.

Acquisitions – We work with you to identify the best acquisition targets from a strategic financial perspective, then help you pursue and negotiate with those targets. We also help you structure the deal financially and obtain any necessary acquisition financing.

Sale or Exit – We work with companies to strengthen their companies, from a financial perspective, for an eventual exit. We understand that most businesses are the owner’s babies but often the baby does not generate sufficient EBITDA or have the proper infrastructure to support the owner’s idea of the company’s value. We work with the owners to position the company so that the owner’s idea of the company’s value more closely matches that of the buyer, whether the eventual “buyer” will be an actual acquiror or a member of the management team or an heir.

Ad Hoc – We help companies who need specific, short-term, in-depth services such as revamping financial systems or closing a specific acquisition. These more hands-on, site-based engagements may run from a few days to a few months.

We believe in partnering for a win-win. Our focus is on providing long-term strategic financial advisory to our clients. We engage  under a signed agreement on a short-term and project basis for specific, immediate issues such as Ad Hoc services.  For everything else, including all long-term financial advisory, we engage on an hourly billed basis. You can drastically reduce the frequency of engagement or sever the relationship anytime.

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